Many of the Starlight Adult Monday night tap class in the Hereford Times

HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED CHILDREN IN NEED LAST NIGHT! Did you SPOT yourself dancing with Pudsey? There was also the great picture above in the Hereford Times this week!

Thank you so much for attending the rehearsal last week at thePoint4 it was the biggest Tapathon Hereford has ever seen for Children in Need! It was a wonderful day made extra special by our cuddly visitor Pudsey the Bear!


So it will be all systems go for Sunday 18th November.
We will be there from 10am but if you feel comfortable with the routine feel free to arrive at 11am as the record breaking attempt will be at 1pm – so we will be finishing later than originally aniticipated.
We will hand out your tshirts out on arrival, go over the routine again in detail and have some fun before we hopefully all become record breakers! It has been confirmed also that we need to perform the track twice through.
So far we have raised over £1000 for Children in Need and we can’t thank you enough for your support!

Please encourage spectators & support!
We would love you to bring friends and family to watch and support us thePoint4 has fantastic seating and a wonderful café.

Choreography notes
To assist you in learning the routine we have loaded choreography notes on our website

Venue and car parking
thePoint4 is located off Venns Lane in Hereford. It has a large car park but also car parking can be used at Gardner Hall (opposite Campbell Road entrance to thePoint4).

We hope all your questions have been answered but if there is anything you would like to know do not hesitate to contact us.

Let’s get tapping!

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