By Rebecca White on 10 April 2021


Access to a library of classes that get updated monthly!

You can choose to access these monthly for £9.99 or weekly for £6

The library includes all of these:


FITSTEPS - 45min dance class that is Strictly fun!

ZUMBA - 45min cardio dance blast!

BARRECONCEPT - 45 min tone, sculpt and stretch the whole body

SILVER SWANS - 45min soulful classical ballet

YOGA - 45min Stretch and Strengthen




"I have really enjoyed Becks’s online lessons these last few months. As a working mum, I can fit the lessons around my work and family schedule, and choose the class according to my mood and energy levels. Fitsteps is so much fun, it is like being in a musical! Great for forgetting about the day's stresses and worries. I chose Zumba for a good weekend workout, and yoga (or yoga bites as I call the short yoga exercises) for stretching and strengthening. I will definitely keep these lessons going once lockdown ends!"

  • CAROLINE, Mum of 2, from Leeds, Yorkshire 



"I love waking up early on a Sunday morning and tuning into yoga with Becks.  It's my time to myself before the kids wake up, and I find Becks' class the perfect balance of exercise, relaxation and calm. I always feel like I've had a weekly MOT by the end! Thank you Becks for helping me hit my Sunday morning goals!” 

  • MARGI – Mum of 3, Hampshire 


“Although I have regularly taken part in Becs Silver Swans and ChiChi classes via Zoom I also signed up to on demand classes. Working mailnly from home its been really helpful to do Zumba, fitsteps or barre at a time to suit myself. Becs updates the routines regularly so it doesn’t get stale and she is so enthusiastic and motivating I forget its an ondemand class. And, I’m improving! Thanks so much!”  

  • SANDRA, Hereford 


"However dark our days or stormy the weather, Becks lights up our lives with her cheerful smile and gentle challenges. I LOVE her classes!"  

  • EVI - Monmouth 


“Really enjoyed dancing to fantastic tunes at Becks’s online Fitsteps classes. Becks is a fab, fun and positive teacher making the experience seem like fun and not exercise. I have not danced since I was about 10 so was a bit nervous but really enjoyed it. Will definitely look to finding a class permanently. Thank you for reminding me how fun dancing can be" 

  • ANITA – Mum of 2, Worcester 


“I'm normally a lone runner so it's been a while since I took part in any group exercise. I decided to join a Live Fitsteps class online and by the first chorus of the first song my mood was completely lifted, and I remembered how lovely it was to exercise in a group. Becks had a fantastic playlist and the routines were a perfect level for my ability but I didn't feel any pressure to follow them exactly. Everyone was concentrating on themselves so much, that no one cared what moves I was throwing about! As soon as I finished the first session, I messaged Becks to say it had been the most fun hour of my week! I'd forgotten how fabulous it is to crank up the music and have a boogie”  

  • KAREN, Hereford  


“Becks’ FitSteps sessions are so much fun you hardly notice that you’re working hard and burning calories. My daughter and I joined in on Zoom sessions during lockdown and had a blast! Becks makes it super fun and there’s no pressure to get it right.” 

  • HOLLY, Mum of 2, Hereford 


“I absolutely LOVE Becks’s classes : a wide variety; energetic and fun or calm and relaxing when you need that .  Something for everyone, no matter your age. And great that we can continue despite lockdown: a really good investment! I don’t know how I would have survived lockdown without it : honestly. I’m up and ready for this weeks workouts! At least give it a go : I have no doubts you will be hooked too !” 

  • NIEN, Gloucester  


“What can I say about Becks......when I retired 2 years ago I was looking for a fitness class which I could enjoy. (I am not  gym bunny) I have always wanted to dance but always felt I would be useless, however I signed up to Fitsteps. Becks warm welcome, enthusiasm along with encouragement had me hooked. Lockdown came along with the end of live classes. Becks determination to keep us dancing and most importantly look after our wellbeing has meant I am now enjoying Barre Concept, Yoga and Zumba as well. Without Becks smile and her unfailing  encouragement I would have found this last year much harder. I encourage anyone to have a go at any if Becks classes, you wont regret it. ” 


“Enjoyed the yoga online session so much and really liked the way Becks delivered it”

  •        KATHY, Hereford 


“Have absolutely loved barre online with Becks! I do it most mornings! 



“Really enjoying the classes and have had a very active Lockdown thank you!”  



“Thanks for a super class this morning. It is wonderful to get back to some yoga and I definitely already feel better for the stretching today!” 

  • FIONA, Hereford